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Kyouko Sakura Progress
Kyouko cosplay


Progress on Kyouko Sakura's magical girl cosplay! I have the top almost done, with most of the trim sewn/pinned on. The color is amazing! I really like the dark red Kona cotton that I got for it. The overskirt with the white trim and detail is completely finished. The miniskirt that is a lighter red is also finished, but my derpy camera died before I could take photos of it ;_; 
I also really, really love the double-layered pleated white trim I got for the top. I found it on Etsy and I was so excited to get it! It is exactly what I had wanted and it looks amazing, I think. 
So next I have to do the cutout detail and trim, along with the collar and buttons on the top!

Gamzee Makara
Feferi cosplay
I am making a Gamzee cosplay for a friend! Well she's doing most of it herself, I just made her the horns and styled the wig for her. I used FIMO-Air modeling clay for the horns, sanded them smooth, then painted them with acrylic and sealed it with Mod Podge spray. 

^ This photo is of the horns immediately after I molded them. . . . ^ And this is after about a day of drying!

 Completed horns! They screw onto a headband. The headband will be worn underneath the wig with the screws poking out, then the horns will be screwed on, so it looks like they're growing right out of the hair ^_^ The wig was cut by me and styled using Got2B Freeze Spray Hairspray.

Flaky from Happy Tree Friends
Feferi cosplay
I've been working on a commission from the anime version of Happy Tree Friends; the character is called Flaky and she adorable: 

Here is the sweater! It is 95% complete. I just have to finish the seams and trim a few excess seams off around the collar.
I used a ribbed stretch knit in pale yellow, which is the color the commissioner requested for the sweater. I sewed quilted-like sections into the hem of the sweater, the sleeves, and the fold-over collar so that it has more of a bulky sweater look to it. It's a bit baggy but still fitted in certain areas, which I feel like is pretty accurate!

Next I'm going to make the miniskirt :3

Eridan Ampora
Kyouko cosplay

Character: Eridan Ampora
Series: Homestuck
Cost: $75
First Worn: Homestucks at the Toledo Zoo Meetup May 2012

More Umineko~
Kyouko cosplay

ere is a photo of my completed Umineko cosplay commission worn by the commissioner!! Exciting! Here's a reference pic of the original character, below. Ok, that flower at the waist should be worn on the hat, but it's still cute!!

Maid of Time
Shiro cosplay
I've been working on Homestuck cosplays lately, including Aradia Megido's God Tier and Eriden & Feferi's normal outfits. This is the design for Aradia's Maid of Time shirt, I made a stencil and then fabric painted the design on. It took two layers and careful arrangement while drying for it to end up looking great! 

Above is a photo of the hood that goes with Aradia's God Tier cosplay. it was super fun to make, I love the God Tier hoods! They are interesting and creative and quite simple once you start making one or two :3 

Shiro cosplay

Ok, I made that black bow by hand. it was pretty awesome. I did not make the red rose, but I attacked it to the black bow and then attached that to the capelet with a snap so it can be removed if necessary :D 
The capelet is part of an Eva Beatrice cosplay from the visual novel Umineko! It was an awesome cosplay to make, with lots of frills and ribbons and such ^^
Oh! And it was my first experience with fabric dying :3 I dyed the ruffle trim on the capelet purple because there simply is no purple ruffly trim anywhere in existence. 

(no subject)
Shiro cosplay

They are a carved styrofoam base, with paper mache over that, then a layer of paperclay. The paperclay was smoothed and sanded after it dried, then painted with two layers of acrylic paint. I then sprayed it with a couple layers of Mod Podge sealing spray.
THEN the best part, my boyfriend helped me to drill hols through the headband and into the bottom of the horns. And then we used the drill to put the screw through the headband. AND THEN I JUST SCREWED THE HORNS RIGHT ONTO THE HEADBAND. Seriously. It was SO EASY 38| I can screw the horns on and off the headband very easily and it doesn't damage the horns at all and will be amazing for travel. 
I will be making a pair of horns for Eridan this weekend too! So I'll post pics of that later 38D

Aradia Megido God Tier
Shiro cosplay

Aradia's God Tier Hood is finished! I sewed snaps in the front, so it can be buttoned up right under the shin or worn a little looser. The tail holds its shape really well and stands up nicely ^^ The h0rn flaps on the front are also quite functional :3

Guilty Crown ~ Shu Ouma
Yukio cosplay

haracter: Shu Ouma
Series: Guilty Crown
(Other character: Kenji Kido, cosplayed by my friend

Total Cost: ~$40
Cons worn at: Shutocon 2012

Construction: Most of the cost of this cosplay came from purchasing materials that can also be used for other projects, such as the fabric paint I used for the silver detail and for the badge; half of the cost was the wig. I purchased the character-specific wig online, and then styled it. I used hair wax to style the spikes into it and emphasize the sweep of the bangs and the blond streak in the front of Shu's hair.
I bought the jacket and pants from the thrift store ( I used the pants for other cosplays too!) I added silver bias tape for the trim on the jacket, used fabric paint for the rest of the silver detail, added silver buttons, and then used fabric paint on a piece of tan fabric for the school badge. 
Overall Shu was a fairly simple cosplay to complete! My friends Kenji Kido was much more complicated, she made that straightjacket, mask, collar, and even manacles by herself and wore it around a con for most of the day! She even somehow made a way for herself to get out of the straightjacket without help  from anyone else xD Amazing
I'm planning to do Shu's costume from Season 2 of Guilty Crown later this summer!


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