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Works in Progress~!
Luna cosplay
I have quite a lot to work right now! 

First and foremost is the Lancer cosplay I'm making, which is about 60% finished. I've got all the trim on, and now I have to get the jacket together and finish up details on the jacket and pants, like hemming and zippers and buttons and such. This could take a while, depending on how much adjusting I need to do for size.
Also for Lancer I need to style the wig soon. Or start that. It needs to  be cut, washed, then styled, and then add a ponytail to it. 
And then I can start on the spear and shoulder armor! Such a big project :D

I also need to do a bit of alteration on the Kyouko cosplay I finished recently. Klaus is so so tall! I have to make the cosplay longer, basically ^_^ But I have a plan~!

I've also got my own cosplays in the works! I'm finishing up my Steamstuck God Tier Feferi, and finishing up details for my bf's Crow (Deadman Wonderland) and Shinjurou (Un-Go) cosplays. 

Oh! And I have a new commission: Zelos from Tales of Symphonia! I am super excited about this cosplay. Zelos looks like my kind of guy ;)

And finally, I have to start getting supplies and merchandise together for my first Artists Alley at the end of September! I need to make more Link hats in various colors, Rinoa cosplays, Sakura cosplays, Soul Gems, miniskirts, Matroyoshka sweaters, and some other stuff I can't remember!

On top of all that I'm applying for real life jobs in Libraryland! So life is keeping me busy ^_^


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