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Lancer Commission
Besides Kyouko, another big project I'm working on is Lancer from Fate/Stay Night. It needs to be done for Youmacon in November, so I'm taking my time with the details and fitting and working on it in between other commissions. Right now I'm just sewing the costume, but I'll also have to start the spear prop and the wig styling soon.

This is Lancer! He has a very military-esque, form-fitting costume. With shoulder armour! It'll be my first time making armour, but I'm confident that I can do it! 

Here is the progress I've made on the costume so far:



The trim has been sewn on in those designs, and I've almost finished one pant leg. Then I ran out of trim O.O But I ordered more, and hopefully that will be enough to do the pants and the jacket! There is so much trim on this costume, but I love the grey trim I got and I think it look amazing. I'll have to post some close-up pics in my next update ^_^


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