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Feferi cosplay
Hey chica, I haven't been able to message you so I'm hoping you'll see this and be able to email me! You can send me an email to and we can talk more about your Jade commission ^_^
Sorry I haven't gotten back to you yet but I haven't been able to find a way to message you! Your privacy settings on your lj account are pretty intense, I think ^^

Lancer Wig Styling
DSCF3172 Starting out cutting the wig, pinned up the top layer so that I could cut the under layer. 
DSCF3173 And then to the back and sides! I cut LOTS off this wig. This wig clamp is amazing.
DSCF3175And then time for styling! This photo is upside down. The wig is upside down. I <3 my wig clamp. 
DSCF3178Yea, I cut up a wig cap to use to hold the styling down. I'm spiking the wig completely back from the forehead, so styling it upside down was a great thing!

Works in Progress~!
Luna cosplay
I have quite a lot to work right now! 

First and foremost is the Lancer cosplay I'm making, which is about 60% finished. I've got all the trim on, and now I have to get the jacket together and finish up details on the jacket and pants, like hemming and zippers and buttons and such. This could take a while, depending on how much adjusting I need to do for size.
Also for Lancer I need to style the wig soon. Or start that. It needs to  be cut, washed, then styled, and then add a ponytail to it. 
And then I can start on the spear and shoulder armor! Such a big project :D

I also need to do a bit of alteration on the Kyouko cosplay I finished recently. Klaus is so so tall! I have to make the cosplay longer, basically ^_^ But I have a plan~!

I've also got my own cosplays in the works! I'm finishing up my Steamstuck God Tier Feferi, and finishing up details for my bf's Crow (Deadman Wonderland) and Shinjurou (Un-Go) cosplays. 

Oh! And I have a new commission: Zelos from Tales of Symphonia! I am super excited about this cosplay. Zelos looks like my kind of guy ;)

And finally, I have to start getting supplies and merchandise together for my first Artists Alley at the end of September! I need to make more Link hats in various colors, Rinoa cosplays, Sakura cosplays, Soul Gems, miniskirts, Matroyoshka sweaters, and some other stuff I can't remember!

On top of all that I'm applying for real life jobs in Libraryland! So life is keeping me busy ^_^

Steamstuck Feferi Peixes
Feferi cosplay
Feferi Steamstuck

Pokemon Trainer Mei
This is Mei. She's one of the player character trainers in Pokemon Black & White 2. She is ADORABLE. Look at that yellow skort thing. Frilly yellow shorts. So cute. 

Here's what I have so far:

Basic shirt and shorts. Ok, the shorts don't look that great on me cause they weren't made to fit me! They will be more flowy and frilly on the girl who they're made for, cause her butt isn't as big as mine >.>


The shirt is very, very nice. I'm proud of it ^_^ I made it out of stretch knits, and it is form-fitting and comfortable!

Now I just have to add the Pokeball design to the shirt, and customize the visor! I'll post pics of the completed cosplay in a few weeks. 

Lancer Commission
Besides Kyouko, another big project I'm working on is Lancer from Fate/Stay Night. It needs to be done for Youmacon in November, so I'm taking my time with the details and fitting and working on it in between other commissions. Right now I'm just sewing the costume, but I'll also have to start the spear prop and the wig styling soon.

This is Lancer! He has a very military-esque, form-fitting costume. With shoulder armour! It'll be my first time making armour, but I'm confident that I can do it! 

Here is the progress I've made on the costume so far:



The trim has been sewn on in those designs, and I've almost finished one pant leg. Then I ran out of trim O.O But I ordered more, and hopefully that will be enough to do the pants and the jacket! There is so much trim on this costume, but I love the grey trim I got and I think it look amazing. I'll have to post some close-up pics in my next update ^_^

Kyouko Sakura~!
Kyouko cosplay

Cheza from Wolf's Rain
Kyouko cosplay

'm making good progress on my Cheza commission! The red coat is completely finished, and I'm very happy with it. I used a poly/twill blend instead of plain cotton and it looks like a much more authentic coat, I think. I really enjoyed making the mantle and the hood and layering them on top of the coat itself ^_^ So many layers! But I really like how it turned out. 

Feferi Peixes >38D
Feferi cosplay

Photos taken by my Eridan at the Toledo Zoo!

Character: Feferi Peixes
Series: Homestuck
Cost: ~$100
Construction: The skirt I designed and sewed myself, the shirt I screen-printed the design on, the goggles I bought from ToysR'Us, the horns I made myself from FIMO-Air-Foam clay, sanded and painted then screwed onto a headband that fits underneath my wig. My wig was styled by a friend, and I had a hell of a time fitting the headband and the screws underneath it! Oh I also made the necklaces :D I realize I do need bracelets and ankle bangles still :/ I had gold bangles for my ankles but they were sharp on the edges! So I didn't wear them >.< I made the tiara and necklace out of painted craft foam and velcro. Oh! And the sea troll ears are lovely! I painted them with the same makeup I used for my face and attached them with liquid latex. I LOV-E wearing those ears >38D

The Wretched Egg
Feferi cosplay

Shiro's secret identity, her hidden persona, her split personality: The Red Man, The Wretched Egg.

I completed this cosplay just in time for Anime Central at the end of April 2012! I debuted it at the masquerade at ACen {which was a huge disaster -_-} and wore it around the con for a few hours total. 

Construction: The entire bodysuit is lined with bathing suit lining. This means that I don't have to wear anything else underneath it. And I didn't. Indeed, I can't! If I wear anything underneath the cosplay it doesn't fit right. But I mean, what would Shiro do? ;) The bodysuit is made out of stretch satin (pink) and stretch jaquard (purple). I made a pattern to fit myself from scratch, then made the bodysuit accordingly. I made the entire thing out of the pink satin, then sewed the purple patterned pieces on top of that, so for the arms and legs there are actually three layers of fabric! It is held onto my body with a series of snaps at the shoulders.
The collar was made in an experimental process. I used a lot of different materials, trying to get it right, and while I'm still not completely satisfied, I've had enough of it to not want to remake it for a while. I started with plastic embroidery mesh, layered craft foam on top, white glued the hell out of it, then mod podged some cheesecloth on top, mod podged some more, and some more, then painted, then painted again, then again, then sealed a couple of times with more mod podge. Can you tell I <3 mod podge? Oh, and the chain links were made out of FIMO-Air Clay!

Cost: The entire costume ended up costing about $120 to make myself. Probably more like $100 because I bought way too much pink and purple fabric just in case I screwed up.  

So I love Shiro. And I love this cosplay. I'm going to wear it again at NMACon in Traverse City in September, and I can't wait!!


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